The Cruise Addiction

My name is M and I have a cruise addiction. I currently have 5 cruises scheduled. Please don’t judge me!  It just… happened. And I may have started packing already for the one in 81 days… So how am I Read More

Finding a good excursion

One of my favorite parts of a cruise is to explore the island!  I love culture, food, and small businesses over the highly traveled areas. But, being an outsider to the country, this can seem overwhelming. Getting lost seems like Read More

Why so grumpy?

We all know someone who no matter what is never happy.  The one who complains about the food services, about the pool being too cold, about the weather, and of course about the comfort of the mattress!  Chances are there Read More

colorful pineapple

Best Food

Don’t be surprise, as soon as you step on the ship food will be a’ plenty. If you starve during your vacation, this has to be a conscious choice. Even picky eaters (cough cough, C) can request what they like. Read More