4 tips for Princess Cay

4 tips for Princess Cay

Princess Cay is beautiful. If you like a good beach day, this is a good stop to consider! The water is the most beautiful color I have ever seen.

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1. This is a tender Port, meaning you must board a ferry from the ship to be shuttled there. It is hard to know what to expect when you first hear this. The experience, for us, was painless. I even saw people with mobility issues get on easily with help from staff.
If you are nervous about seasickness, I think this is probably the time you may get seasick. I popped one of these and didn’t worry about it.  They are non-drowsy and chewable.  I also used them when I had an inner ear infection!
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2. Bring a towel on land with you from the ship.  While there are some towels available, I think it’s easier to bring your own.

See our reasons for choosing Carnival Cruise Line here.

3. During lunch time, use the MIDDLE lanes.  Staff provide a meal for guests, typical beach day items such as hamburgers and cold salads.  There are 4 lanes at the pavilion for guest to use. The two middle lanes have access to the food much sooner than the outer lanes.  The outer lanes you will need to go all the way to the other side of the pavilion to get access to the food.

4. There is plenty of chairs, especially if you go past the first beach where most people will settle. Head down towards the bungalows, which is usually quieter and there is a bar down there.  You can get an excursion where you pay for use of the bungalow for the day.

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The Bungalows were cool – but I suggest not getting the ‘sanctuary’ ones for $249.  The ‘normal’ bungalows are $199 and if you get number 17 or 18, you will be right next to the sanctuary anyway.  If you choose this excursion, once you are on the ship you will get a paper asking you to stop by the excursion desk, where you will be able to pick which bungalow you would like. Don’t choose #13, as that is RIGHT in front of the bathroom and I can’t imagine it would be relaxing to lay out there.

You also get some food brought to your bungalow.  I couldn’t find any other food options until lunch was open, so the food was a nice perk. The chips and salsa were yum!

Want to plan your own cruise to Princess Cay?  See our service page on how we can help you for FREE.

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