Can I bring alcohol on board a cruise?

can i bring alcohol on my cruise

Can I bring alcohol on board a cruise?

Short answer - No, not really

Most cruise lines allow a bottle of wine or champagne per person to be carried on.  This varies depending on cruise line, so check your cruise line’s web page FAQs before you get to port. 

Check your daily guide for drink specials or free samples of alcohol. Carnival has ‘ladies night’ and gives free sample tastings at another event.

Being sneaky

Now, at this point you may be thinking, why can’t I just sneak alcohol on? Mouthwash bottles or something?

I guess you could, but I am not suggesting it. The cruise line has caught on to many of these ‘tricks’ and is more likely to catch them.  The items will be taken out of your bag and either have a note or you will have to go to a special section of the ship to collect your luggage.

If you are determined to pull one over on the cruise, why not get the drink package and get well over your monies worth? Find out if it would be worth it for you to get a drink package.

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