What to do on the Anthem of the Seas

What to do on the Anthem of the Seas

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Today, we have Deb Willey at DW Destinations (our parent company) providing us with some information and tips on having a great cruise on the Anthem of the Seas from Royal Caribbean.  This is currently Royal Caribbean’s year-around ship in Bayonne, NJ. It makes trips to Bermuda, Bahamas, and Caribbean.  Below, Deb gives tips she found from her time on the Anthem cruising to Bermuda.

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  1.  When you arrive at the port (we parked in the port garage) you will see tons of people crowded around baggage With letters above (see attached picture).  Stop your car there and unload/check in your bags.  Make sure you have luggage tags already attached to your bags before you get to the port. Once you drop off bags, proceed straight to garage.  We didn’t do this and had to lug our baggage from garage back to the check in area.
  2. Download the Royal IQ app on your phone before you leave port.  This app has everything on it.  Show schedules, times for restaurants and bars, any charges that have been made to your room, etc.
  3. The first day is very hectic.  It calms down considerably after day 1.  The best thing you can do day one is get on the ship and go in the opposite direction of everyone else.  We immediately went to deck 14 or 15 and got a drink and enjoyed the NYC skyline.  AMAZING!!!!  Make sure you stay up there while you sail away under the bridge.  You’ll never see another view like that!
  4. Your room will be ready at 1pm – go unpack.  You’ll have to do your muster drill, then get back to an upper deck for set sail.
  5. In your cabin – put a credit card type card in the slot near the door to turn on your lights.  They want you to put in your SeaPass, but then you can’t charge anything when you leave the room (or get back in your room). We put a grocery loyalty card in and left it the entire cruise.
  6. In your cabin – the fridge is going to look like a safe.  The safe is in the closet, the fridge is not.  They both have key codes on them, so they look like safes.
  7. If you like lobster, Lobster Night is usually the night you leave Bermuda.  Confirm it when you get there.  We missed lobster night and I was really bummed.
  8. If you go to “Spectra Cabaret” make sure you sit center stage or up high.  We sat slightly left of center and most of the show was blocked.
  9. Bermuda was amazing and super safe to get around.  We didn’t do any excursions.
  10. If you’re interested in trying on board activities – flow rider, iFly, North Star – sign up the first day.   We could not get on either but bumper car were a lot of fun for everyone. Check the daily activity guide to see when they are available.
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