Is the balcony worth it?

Is the balcony worth it?

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Short answer: Of course.

As with most of these types of questions, the worth of a balcony is subjective.  If you are thinking about getting a balcony and have the means to do so, it will be worth it to you. I have yet to hear someone say ‘I wish I didn’t get the balcony’. Even M, who prefers to get ocean views enjoyed having a balcony.


Balconies provide a quiet space for you and your family to enjoy the ocean or the port away from the crowds.  If it floats your boat, you don’t even have to get out of your PJs in the morning to enjoy the fresh air. Order some room service and enjoy!

On our last cruise, we were lucky to get an extended balcony with 2 chairs, a table, and a lounge chair. While we cannot afford this every time, we enjoyed our time!

All in all,

This is not to say that balcony rooms are the best of the best.  Each room has pros and cons. Balconies cost more than an inside room.  For some, this may mean less cruising.

Many people enjoy an interior since they love to sleep in the dark. Maybe they spend little time in the room to justify the cost. Or maybe like C & M, they prefer to cruise multiple times a year and choose a lower cost room.

Whatever you decide, get excited. You are going on a cruise! 

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7 thoughts on “Is the balcony worth it?

  1. They sure do look relaxing, but I haven’t been able to afford the extra cost. I find that most of the time on cruises, I’m not spending it in the room, but maybe I would more if I had a balcony.

    1. It really does depend on your budget and that is A-OK! I’ve never heard anyone say they regret getting a balcony. However, Oceanviews are actually my preferred room choice. I like being lower. If you are enjoying the ship’s activities and not in room, then save money there!

  2. We love the balconies. We order room service breakfast and eat it on the balcony an spend evenings on the balcony. Our favorite place.

  3. I really enjoy having a balcony, but like you said, sometimes I can’t afford it. When I went on a cruise a few years ago, we had booked an interior room but they called us a little bit before our cruise and we were able to upgrade to a balcony (of course we had to pay, but nothing too crazy). I wish I could afford one all the time! The views are just something else.

    1. I love to start out with a less expensive room and get offered an upgrade for a good price!!!!!!
      Thanks for reading.

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