Best key lime pie for free!

Best key lime pie for free!

Who doesn’t love key lime pie? (Turns out C doesn’t, but that is beyond the point of this post).

And you know what is better than key lime pie? FREE key lime pie.

We stopped at a free muesum called Oldest House and Garden on Duval Street. Next to where we signed the guest book, we saw a business size card for a free piece of key lime pie with purchase. There were 3 different places it could be redeemed. We chose Caroline’s because it was the closest and my niece’s name.

The menu was small but enough.

I got the conch appetizer, which I feel is another must in the Keys. Carlos got a Cuban sandwich, and I guess you can’t get much closer to Cuba without being IN Cuba. It was mouth-watering and disappeared quickly. I missed grabbing a picture.

After shoveling the food in our faces, it was time for the key lime pie. It was the best I have ever tasted. It was light and not too sugary sweet. Had a good amount of tart.

My mouth is watering again just thinking about it. C took one bite and pushed it towards me.

His loss…


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