Binge-worthy podcasts for your next cruise

Binge-worthy podcasts for your next cruise

Podcasts for your next cruise

I love a good podcast. I also think that listening to an audio-book counts as reading, so there is that. Podcasts can be extremely well done and provide you with new information.

Makes me feel a little better about laying around on the sundeck all day when I learn something too!

1. Sawbones

Husband and wife discuss different uses medical ailments throughout the years. The wife, as a doctor, does research before the episode and the husband is very funny.

The coffee or Oregon Trail episodes are good starts if you want to try it out beforehand.

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Disclaimer: you may get a few looks when you are laughing while sunbathing.

2. Crime Junkie

There are many many crime podcasts out there. I’ve listened to most of them. Or at least tried too. To be a good host of a podcast, you need to have a pleasing voice, willing to do research, and sound confident talking about some disgusting things.

Ashley and Brit have great banter, nice voices, and ask thought- provoking questions. They tend to focus on cases that do not get much media attention. Ashley brings great researching skills and interviews family members when possible. Brit is finding her voice as a researcher. I enjoyed her episode ‘If I go missing’ and the discussion on having a file in case you go missing.

3. Martinis and Murder

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You would think just another crime podcast, it is and it’s not. I love the talk of the drink of the day. They try to tie the chosen drink to the murder somehow. Like the CORPSE REVIVER to discuss the Alaskan Serial Killer

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There are a lot of inside jokes, so starting earlier on this one is a good idea. There are over 100 episodes, which means you have lots of options.

4. Launch

A nice change of pace with a hopeful ‘middle-level’ author discussing his journey to getting his book published.

With 7 episode in the original series, this is a great podcast for a day or two at sea.

5. Why Won’t you date me?

Host of the Netflix’s show ‘Nailed It’ and self proclaimed fat woman, Nicole explores the dating or non dating world. She does use strong sexual language, so NSFW, but a cruise… ?

She is so great and funny on ‘nailed it’, I found it a good transition to listen to her podcast. She also is on the Netflix’s special of World Comedians.

Don’t forget to download…

However you decide to listen to podcasts, make sure you download them.  You want to be able to listen to them in airport mode as you will not have service at sea.

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