Book Review: All I Ever Wanted

Kristan Higgins book All I ever wanted

Book Review: All I Ever Wanted

by Kristan Higgins

Published: August 1, 2010

Goodreads rating: 3.98 out of 5 (with over 13,000 ratings)

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Callie Grey is struggling with turning 30. As a single woman, she is not sure where she is going with her life and her career. Callie loves her dog, a historic chair, her job, and her boss. After a fling with her boss, Mark, the year before, Callie is sure Mark just needs time to come around and they will live happily ever after.  Things go array when Mark starts dating a woman whom he brings into the agency.  Adding insult to injury, the woman hates Callie and tries to sabotages Callie’s every project. 

As is typical in comedy romances, in walks a handsome vet with a broken heart. Callie finds him cold and distant at first.  Even so, she offers to do some public relation work for his office. Will the cold vet fall in love with the bubbly do-gooder?

My thoughts

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I digress. I enjoyed the story, as much as I usually do with Kristan Higgins. While predictable, the funny side characters (such as Callie’s siblings and co-workers) kept me wanting to get to the next page. Her sister, Hester, decides she needs to date to prove to her teenage daughter that men are bad. That always ends well. Her brother, Freddie, gets a bad rap for taking off a year after his freshman year.

The parallel story with Callie’s parents was strange. I think it was supposed to show how Callie does whatever she can to make others happy at the cost of her own happiness. However, I find it odd that after 20 years divorced with Callie’s mother hating and refusing to talk to Callie’s father, she decides to hear him out.

Besides the cover art, there is an editing mistake in the book that happens a few times. While we are reading Callie’s thoughts, Callie would think a catch phrase comment. I wish I would have marked it so I can give some page numbers, as it happens multiple times. I actually read the entire paragraphs out loud to double check I wasn’t going crazy.

Overall it is a great easy read and perfect for a cruise.

all i ever wanted by kristan higgins book review

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