Should I buy the photo package on Norwegian?

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Should I buy the photo package on Norwegian?

Going Professional.

As a semi-professional blogger, I felt C & I needed headshots. I am self conscious about the pictures I take of myself, so I wanted a professional.

And we were going on a cruise with photographers just standing around! 

Perfect match.

I checked out the photo package online and saw it was $149 for 10 pictures plus a bonus one. As I had never sailed Norwegian, I ran to the Facebook cruising groups. I found out each picture was $24.99 each. There was mix information on if you also received a flash drive with digtal pictures on it.
I decided on the package so I wouldn’t have to pick and choose. I was imagining get a ton taken and being overwhelmed with my beauty.

Not the case.

Norwegian doesn’t start taking on ship pictures until the second day. They were spread over floors 6 and 8, including a stair and the chandelier shot. There were 3 others available with them changing nightly.

We got dressed up and headed out excited. I became disillusioned quickly when I realized the photographers were just random staff. One was being trained by a supervisor right before our turn!
I also could tell how they posed me, they were not going to be great. I am used to Carnival or Sears, where I feel slightly uncomfortable and they make the best photos. 

Pros of Norwegian photos

Cons of Norwegian Photo

  • I was super disappointed with the quality. They seem overall blurry. (Plus the outfit I thought would be so cute was so not.) I will let you be the judge. 
  • The flash drive is extra. It was either $49.99 or $14.99, I got two different answers or I misheard. I probably misheard. Someone please correct me! 
  • The price… $24.99 for one 8×10?!
  • You can check photos online, just not on the app. You have to go through a back website. I only know this because a button was on the internet login page and was not announced anywhere.
  • The staff didn’t seem knowledgeable in the photo area.

Overall, if you want photos, get the package. It will save you $130 or more to buy beforehand. Take some every evening, as backgrounds and photographers shift. 

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