Can you take Essential Oils on an airplane or a cruise?

Can you take Essential Oils on an airplane or a cruise?

Can you take Essential Oils on an airplane or a cruise?

Short answer: Yes!

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When I am traveling, I feel I need an extra boost of immunity and emotional protection.  I can’t go to a hotel without my diffuser and a handful of essential oils.

But what about when I cruise? Do I still take them with me?

I have not had any problems taking essential oils in my carry- on when I am flying.  I place them with my other liquids in a clear gallon size bag.  When I cruise, I usually put the diffuser in the checked bags, but I have flown with it in my carry-on suitcase.

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For the cruise, I usually have a roller in my bag I can carry on (THIEVES ALWAYS) and small bottles in the bag I check at port.

See the link for the Travel diffuser we take with us. 

Don’t forget to take a non-surge protected power strip along.

*You can always double check with your cruise line or travel agent (contact Michelle @ DW Destinations if you need a travel agent).  I have only flown domestically and left out of a USA port.

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