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Top 5 surprising features in a Norwegian stateroom

An Oceanview On our recent Norwegian Escape cruise, we staid on the 5th floor in an oceanview.  Since this was a last minute cruise decision, we choose a sailaway price, which means we could not choose where our room was located.  On Norwegian, this also means you do not have the option to choose up […]

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Should I buy the photo package on Norwegian?

Going Professional. As a semi-professional blogger, I felt C & I needed headshots. I am self conscious about the pictures I take of myself, so I wanted a professional. And we were going on a cruise with photographers just standing around!  Perfect match. I checked out the photo package online and saw it was $149 […]

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Can I bring a coffee maker on my cruise?

Short answer: NO! First off, hello my fellow coffee friends! You cannot bring an electric coffee maker on your cruise with you. It will, and should, get confiscated. It is a fire risk. I cannot speak to french presses, this is something you should call your cruise line to inquire about.  It would be possible […]

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Is the drink package worth it?

Short answer: Depends As a cruising specialist with DW Destinations: Why book with Michelle at DW Destinations over booking yourself? I know the ins and outs of industry. I can see great rooms that are not available on the cruise line website.  I can work to get you extra perks. PLUS if you have any […]

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How not to fall down the stairs and other balance issues

I don’t like to talk about it. I’m a klutz. It’s a miracle if I make it through the winter without wiping out at least 3 times. I fall up stairs. I trip over nothing. If it’s icy and I need to go out, you will find me shuffling across the parking lot and avoiding […]

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