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The 5 best tips from a Cruise Industry Expert

Guest Post from Family Palate Thank you Ceci from Family Palate for this great post.  If you have not checked out her blog, there is a lot to see on food and travel.  Those are two of my favorite things that are always better together! Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube THE 5 BEST TIPS FROM A […]

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What happens if I miss the ship at the start or a port?

Short answer: You may be on your own to get to the next port This is when I am going to plug travel insurance. In a situation like this, travel insurance would save you time, money, and much grief. Check the credit card you put your cruise on, as they may provide some sort of […]

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Should I buy the photo package on Norwegian?

Going Professional. As a semi-professional blogger, I felt C & I needed headshots. I am self conscious about the pictures I take of myself, so I wanted a professional. And we were going on a cruise with photographers just standing around!  Perfect match. I checked out the photo package online and saw it was $149 […]

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Can you take Essential Oils on an airplane or a cruise?

Short answer: Yes! This post may contain affiliate links.  See our full disclosure here. When I am traveling, I feel I need an extra boost of immunity and emotional protection.  I can’t go to a hotel without my diffuser and a handful of essential oils. But what about when I cruise? Do I still take […]

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Can I bring alcohol on board a cruise?

Short answer – No, not really Most cruise lines allow a bottle of wine or champagne per person to be carried on.  This varies depending on cruise line, so check your cruise line’s web page FAQs before you get to port.  Check your daily guide for drink specials or free samples of alcohol. Carnival has […]

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Can I bring a coffee maker on my cruise?

Short answer: NO! As a cruising specialist with DW Destinations: Why book with Michelle at DW Destinations over booking yourself? I know the ins and outs of industry. I can see great rooms that are not available on the cruise line website.  I can work to get you extra perks. PLUS if you have any […]

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