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Why You Should Remove Toxic People from Your Social Media

Removing toxic people and why I removed myself. I have been on Facebook since 2004 when you needed an edu email to sign up. It has literally been a mark and journal of my adulthood. I am almost at the point where Facebook has been around half my life. I’ve taken small breaks before, suspending […]

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Guide to not making any money in blogging

I recently got caught into a pintrest trap of reading all the bloggers posting about how they made so much money in such a little time. Suggestions to follow their tips and hopefully we can make some money as well. Need money to pay for blogging? Try Swagbucks. I have been using it for years […]

About me social media

Binge-worthy podcasts for your next cruise

Podcasts for your next cruise I love a good podcast. I also think that listening to an audio-book counts as reading, so there is that. Podcasts can be extremely well done and provide you with new information. Makes me feel a little better about laying around on the sundeck all day when I learn something […]

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