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Can I bring alcohol on board a cruise?

Short answer – No, not really Most cruise lines allow a bottle of wine or champagne per person to be carried on.  This varies depending on cruise line, so check your cruise line’s web page FAQs before you get to port.  Check your daily guide for drink specials or free samples of alcohol. Carnival has […]

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Book Review: All I Ever Wanted

by Kristan Higgins Published: August 1, 2010 Goodreads rating: 3.98 out of 5 (with over 13,000 ratings) Buy All I Ever Wanted Amazon currently has Distress Signals in paperback, audio, and kindle. This post may contain affiliate links.  See our full policy here. Summary Callie Grey is struggling with turning 30. As a single woman, […]

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Should I buy the photo package on Norwegian?

Going Professional. As a semi-professional blogger, I felt C & I needed headshots. I am self conscious about the pictures I take of myself, so I wanted a professional. And we were going on a cruise with photographers just standing around!  Perfect match. I checked out the photo package online and saw it was $149 […]

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Guide to not making any money in blogging

I recently got caught into a pintrest trap of reading all the bloggers posting about how they made so much money in such a little time. Suggestions to follow their tips and hopefully we can make some money as well. Need money to pay for blogging? Try Swagbucks. I have been using it for years […]

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Must have essential oils for travel

¬† Guest Post We are excited to welcome Charity’s expertise on essential oils and travel musts. M also uses essentials oils and has sought out Charity’s advice in many occasions!¬† Charity is a well traveled self-care guru. Finding essential oils helped her through many ailments, she became a believer! She has since visiting Young Living […]

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How not to fall down the stairs and other balance issues

I don’t like to talk about it. I’m a klutz. It’s a miracle if I make it through the winter without wiping out at least 3 times. I fall up stairs. I trip over nothing. If it’s icy and I need to go out, you will find me shuffling across the parking lot and avoiding […]

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