Comedy Club Prices on Carnival Sensation

Comedy Club Prices on Carnival Sensation

I personally like to be educated on everything before I make a decision. For example, is the drink package worth it? What is a normal drink price?

I don’t think this is a question anyone can answer but you. I see it consistently on the facebook cruising boards and everyone has a different (and valid) opinion.

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So, to educate you on drink prices, here is the menu from the comedy club. 

menu, drinks

Pitchers are $25 and hold about 6 small glasses of drink.  Great if you are sharing with friends!  (C and I could not finish one ourselves, but we are not drinkers)

Pitchers would not be a qualifying drink for the drink package, but a GREAT option if you do not get the package.


UPDATE: These are only the prices on the Sensation – I found the prices on other ships to be a bit higher. The pitchers were $26.50 on the Victory and Glory.

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