Cruising and Norovirus

Cruising and Norovirus

We apologize for being MIA lately.  We moved to Gettysburg, PA and both started new jobs.  We are currently house sitting and will be moving into a new house at the end of the month.  It has been a wonderful adventure, but that means we have not had time to update the website. Today, I have a post I have been meaning to do since our last cruise!

Cruising our way into sickness

Our Norwegian cruise in March 2019 was interesting in many ways.  First, it was our first cruise on Norwegian and our first time cruising out of NYC.  It was C’s first mega ship. Also, we decided to try a surcharge restaurant.

The Food

The Norwegian Escape boosted 13 restaurants that have an upcharge. C and I have very different tastes in food.  C does not like anything spicy. I love spicy, but I do not enjoy eating a lot of meat.  C is a meat and potato kind of guy. So, there was really only one restaurant we agreed we would both like, Moderno Churrascaria a Brazilian buffet. It was $29.95 a person.

If you have never experienced a Brazilian buffet, I highly recommend it at least once!  Make sure to go hungry though. The concept is that different meat is brought to you on a spit and cut onto your plate. There is also a walk up buffet that boosted different cheeses and even sushi!  And even after we stuffed ourselves, we tried dessert, which I think were the best on the ship.

Pro Tip

Save room for the end when they bring out grilled pineapple. It’s my favorite part!

Feeling queasy

The next day C’s tummy was bothering him.  He couldn’t even leave the room since he had to be by the bathroom.  This was odd, because between the two of us, I have the sensitive stomach. I thought he ate something that gave him food poisoning.

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We go through the rest of the cruise.  As we are getting off the boat, I start to feel sick. C went to find our bus as I am feeling worse and worse fast. Let me just say, thank you to the New York Port Authority for having to clean up after me and to the woman who gave me a sea sickness pill that helped me make it through the bus ride.

Norovirus sucks

Not going to lie, that had to be one of the longest days of my life since it was a travel day. I really wanted to curl up and die. Norovirus is the worst because there is really nothing you can do but let it run its course.  It’s never convenient.

But will it keep me from cruising?

Nah. It can happen anywhere – I get it a lot from work actually!  This was the first time we got sick (beyond eating too much) on a cruise. I still have 3 scheduled and can’t wait!

Tips for avoiding the norovirus

  • There is hand sanitize everywhere. Use it.
  • Always wash your hands after entering the bathroom, even if you do not use it. You may want to actually wash your hands before you go to the bathroom as well.
  • Take reasonable precautions in the buffet.
  • Do not reuse cups, plates, etc at the buffet.
  • If you are not feeling well, have someone else go up and get food for you.
  • If you think food has been contaminated, let the crew know.
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