Cruising with disabilities

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A person with a disability is not limited to an on-land vacation. Cruising can be a great option. You may have the chance to see places you may not have otherwise thought possible.


What we experienced

On our first cruise, we were honored to meet a few cruisers with different abilities. We were impressed by the services offered, including an excursion guide who explained everything we were seeing on our historical tour for a visually impaired cruiser. We also had the privileged to sit at dinner with a cruiser who used a service dog.  We shall never forget this experience or the friends we made.


While cruise lines try to be up to date on accommodations, it is always good to know your rights and advocate for yourself. This page is meant to serve as a resource for potential cruisers to research what they can expect and how their needs would be met.

General Travel

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The Complete Guide

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9 best cruise ships for those traveling with disabilities

Accessible cruising 

Cruise lines

When thinking about what cruise line you want to use, don’t forget to check their websites for what services they offer.  If you have a question that is not answered on the following links, please call the cruise line.  Don’t forget their job is to make sure you have a wonderful vacation to remember.

Carnival’s special needs department page

Disney’s services for guests with disabilities 

MSC Special Needs

Norwegian Accessible Cruising

Princess Access



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