Wheelchair users

Wheelchair users and cruising

Wheelchair users can also go cruising. Some cruise lines and ships are better for wheelchair users than others.  As a rule of thumb, newer ships should have more accessible cabins and options.

  • Every ship should have accessible rooms. Make sure to check door width to ensure your wheelchair will fit through the door.
  • Depending on the ship, the pool may not be accessible either with a ramp or a chair. If you are a water lover, check this before booking.
  • The dining room may be hard to get through due to tables being close together. Ask the maitre d' for a table by the door.
  • While I have seen good experience with tender ports, I have heard stories of wheelchair users not being able to get on the tender. I recommend an Eastern Caribbean cruise as there are less tender ports.

If you need help navigating the cruising world, feel free to reach out to Michelle at DW Destinations.  She can be with you every step of the way.

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