First Cruise

Our first cruise was Jan. 2018 on the Carnival Magic.

It was a 7 day cruise out of Port Canaveral. Ports were Amber Cove DR, San Juan PR, St. Thomas, Grand Turk.

We had a upgraded ocean view on the main deck.  This meant two bathrooms (two sinks, a shower, a bathtub, and a toilet).

M brought everything she could think of including bath bombs (which she DID use). C let M pack for him. As you can see, C is the anchor to M’s ship.

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Some thoughts:

  • You can carry on soda. We carried on a case of orange for C and a 6 pack of pineapple for M. It was too much for us, as M is not a soda drinker to begin with. It was nice to have a can of soda with dinner. After the first night, our wait staff would have a glass with ice waiting for us.
  • Dinner in the main dining room was great! A relaxing setting to get to know fellow travelers and get their tips.
  • Since we had late dining, we needed a snack between lunch and dinner. However, it was always around 4PM when the main dining room and lido was closed!  The few things open – pizza, deli, and ice cream – had super long lines.  We should have planned better and maybe gotten room service.
  • If you use the spa, be strong during the sales pitch if you are not interested in the items.  C came back with something (massage oil) because he couldn’t say no.  M almost fell over from sticker shock.  Of course, neither has touched the item since being home.
  • Patience is a virtue (and one that M does not have).  You are on vacation. You will get off the boat.  They will let you back on the boat if you are in line. You will get food.  Enjoy the details of the boat while you are in line!
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