Who is M

I guess I should introduce myself.

Talking about myself is always the hardest part for me. I never know how much or how little to say. So I will give you the bullet points and then a longer narrative and you can choose how much you would like to know.

  • Compassionate Introvert
  • Coffee Addict
  • Crocheter and Crafter
  • Avid Reader
  • Crazy Cat Lady with a dog
  • Recycler
  • Hard Worker
  • Savvy Saver
  • Passionate Planner

The longer version

I am a Pennsylvania native who caught the travel bug when I was young, thanks to my aunt and uncle. I experienced much of the USA with them and I will always be grateful.

After graduating high school, I attended Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA and received my BA in Sociology. I received my Masters in Applied Sociology at Northern Arizona University. I entered the world of victim services and behavioral health. Travel always remained a passion. If I wasn’t planning my next trip, I became depressed.

My first cruise was in 2016 with my mother. We ended up going through a hurricane (first one in January since 1944!) and got stuck at sea an extra day due to a Nor’easter. Add that to the fact I was staying in a small room with my mother (whom I love dearly!), I was ready to jump overboard. My mother and I are very different but the same. As much as I am an introvert, she is an extrovert. She didn’t quite understand my need to be alone and just be.

When I got back on land, I swore I would NEVER go on another cruise.

I’m sure you are thinking: ‘Huh? Then why the heck am I reading this right now?’. Flash forward to a year and a half later, C and I were moving in together and we stopped at a friend’s house. She discussed her family’s upcoming cruise and I joked that I should join in. I had no vacation or trips planned, so the idea stuck and grew inside me until next thing I knew, I was putting down a deposit.

The rest is history?

I plan, that’s what I do.

I understand some people are not the planners I am (see Who is C). It’s a talent of mine that I can see the big picture but also know the small steps it takes to get there.


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