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Port Canaveral (Orlando)

Be prepared when you get off the plane in Orlando (MCO), there is a 45 minute to an hour (depends on traffic!) drive to Port Canaveral.  Keep this in mind if you are flying day of sailing.

There are a few shuttle options from the airport.  Uber is an option.  But don’t count out renting a car.  If you have a lot of people, this may be a great option for you.  C & I rented from Thrifty after the cruise. Since we had a late flight we were able to go to the movies and had somewhere to keep our luggage.


The port of Miami is a short drive from downtown Miami. The airport is about 5 miles from the port and will have the most options for reasonable priced hotels.

There are a few parking lots that include shuttles. If you are looking at this option, book one in advanced to lock in your stop and lowest price.

Port Everglade (Fort Lauderdale)

Fort Lauderdale airport can be used for cruises going out of the Port Everglades or Port of Miami. Depending on traffic, it is about a 30-40 minute ride down to the Port of Miami.

Port Everglade has a few options for parking. Prices range from $8-11 a day. Check online for coupons before making reservations or ask your travel agent (or ask me!) for help.

If you need accessible travel, Super Shuttle has been suggested to me as a good option. See their rates here.

New York City

NYC ports can be tricky or easy depending on your transportation options. Parking at the port is $40 a day, so be prepared for that expense on top of tolls.

However, if you are flying in, there are many shuttle options that will take you right from the airport or chosen hotel to the port.

For those in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, a bus may be the best option. You can get dropped off or park at the location for a much cheaper rate than at the port.

New Orleans

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