Top tips for any cruise


* Before you leave your home, take a picture of your luggage. If by any chance it gets lost, you will be able to show what it looks like.
* Pack a Non Surge Protected power strip (if allowed) with USB slots to keep charged up.
* Pack a body pillow case to fill with extra pillows for a more comfortable sleep.
* Laundry pods and dryer sheets make laundry a breeze.
* Pack at least one pair of super comfy shoes. You can walk a lot more than you would expect on your cruise.


* Your cruise starts the moment you get on-board.  Get on early!
* Get online before your cruise and learn the layout of your ship to make navigation around easier!
* Put a change of clothes and swimsuit in your carry-on so you can enjoy the ship as soon as you get on-board.
* If you are a soda drinker and your cruise line allows you to bring a case of soda on board, it must be in your carry on. A small roll on suitcase can help make it a breeze. Just don’t try to carry 3 cases on one suitcase like someone (cough cough C) did.
* Bring your own large water bottle you can fill with on-board beverages to keep hydrated. (I bring a water bottle and a coffee thermos. There is NEVER enough coffee.)


* Collapsible tall laundry bags hides dirty laundry in the closet.
* Packing cubes make unpacking fast. I left our disembrakment clothes in a packing cube which made it easier to leave out.  I read a story where someone put their suitcase out to be collected and forgot to keep pants for the next morning!
* Magnetic hooks and Command hooks keep your hats and lanyards organized.
* Bring something to hang on your cabin door.  It makes finding it in a sea of doors easier. The Dollar Tree has cute themed items you can hang – make sure they are fire resistant.
* Travel hangers are a fun accessory and can be used for other trips beyond cruising!

At port

* Take your passport with you. I know it’s a pain, but just in case something happens and you cannot make it back to the ship.
* Get a small safe to hold passport, money, cell phone while in the water.
* A waterproof pouch on a lanyard keeps your valuables safe at the beach.
* We received a fast drying towel as a gift.  It is amazing! Great for a quick dry on the go.
* Have cash for purchases. Aside from your card getting skimmed, your card may be declined if you did not tell your credit card company that you were traveling.
* Don’t be afraid to ask a local for directions. They may also give you a secret spot to eat or grab a drink.

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