How not to fall down the stairs and other balance issues

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How not to fall down the stairs and other balance issues

I don’t like to talk about it.

I’m a klutz. It’s a miracle if I make it through the winter without wiping out at least 3 times. I fall up stairs. I trip over nothing. If it’s icy and I need to go out, you will find me shuffling across the parking lot and avoiding all white lines.  White lines are slippery af. I’ve cursed them multiple times.

Thankfully, I have never seriously injured myself. A few black and blue marks, embarrassing moments, and back pain.

Well, that was until I did seriously injure myself.

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Believe it or not, we were on our first cruise.  It was the second elegant night.  We had finished dinner and were in the lobby watching the red carpet event.  C wanted to go walk the red carpet, so we headed down the stairs.  

I don’t know what happened next, but I fell down 5 stairs.  I braced myself with my arms. Thankfully, I missed falling on my face.

C was by my side in an incident. (He’s pretty amazing that way) I popped back up, tried to soothe my embarrassment, and took inventory of my body.  I thought everything was fine, so I shooed C to the red carpet. 

Later that night, my shoulder started hurting, bad. 

I know what you are thinking…

Everyone asks how much I had been drinking.  I did not drink ANYTHING the entire cruise, so alcohol was not a factor in this fall at all.

There was nothing there for me to trip on, however the top part of my boot had been scrapped away.  Thankfully I was wearing boots and not flip flops.  The boots were actually ruined.

To-this-day, I maintain I was tripped by a ghost.

Next morning; debating medical advice

I really didn’t want to go to the doctor on board, but eek I was in pain. I had the travel insurance, so I knew it would be covered.  But really, it was nothing. I fall all the time.

C wouldn’t get up to go to breakfast, so I went alone. I was seated at group table and the first thing I notice is the woman across from me has her arm in a sling.  Once we get to talking, she tells me she fell in port.  She knows her wrist is broken, she had called her doctor after she went to the ship’s doctor. She said “The ship’s medical is useless. They do not even have a doctor on duty.”

And there was my answer to going to get medical advice. (There are doctors on board and I think when she went, there wasn’t one on duty and there was not much that could be done for her on the ship.  Please go if you need too.  DO NOT FOLLOW IN MY FOOTSTEPS.)

Back on land

A month later, I was still in pain and decided it was probably time to seek medical advice.

ALSO SEE  Is the drink package worth it?

I separated my shoulder.

4 months of 3x weekly physical therapy of which my copay was $40.

Couldn’t do much for months.

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It’s all fun and games until you fall down the stairs.

I learned my lesson… right?

On our last cruise, I was tripping over my own feet.  The one time, we walked 6 yards and I tripped maybe 4 times. C was ready to carry me.

I fell down the stairs again on the Glory. Just one stair and I was actually ok this time.  C was fed up.

Get your foot print read!

After my graceful fall, we passed by the footprint reading.  It happens multiple times on a Carnival Cruise, check your fun times if you are interested.

C demanded that I get it done.  I did both feet and the Spa employee could tell that I just fell because I was leaning to one side.

Now comes the sell

After the footprint, the Spa employee showed us these inserts from Good Feet.  He did a balance test and ta da, I could keep standing.

I needed them. It was for my health and so I could enjoy the rest of my cruise. They did work. I didn’t trip at all the rest of the vacation.  Actually, I haven’t tripped since I have had them!  That includes going out in a snow storm. Plus the lower back pain I was suffering from for months disappeared after two days.

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We got $50 off by buying 2.  As you can imagine, they were expensive. 


I, of course, came home and researched. I wanted to know if I could have saved money (probably not because medical bills are a bitch!)

The only similar supports I could find on Amazon and they are not that much cheaper.

There are Good Feet stores out there where you can go and get a free test walk. I do not have one near me.

All in all,

I am glad I bought them. They were a good investment for me.  
My advice is to at least do the foot test even if you decide not to buy them (just be firm!).  The spa employee suggested getting it done every cruise so we can see how our steps have changed.  We plan on taking the time in September.

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6 thoughts on “How not to fall down the stairs and other balance issues

  1. Haha you’re really great for sharing your “feet experience” in a post, I love a bit of selfspot and the way you describe yourself! Thanks for sharing!

    1. If you go on another one, some sort of balance inserts are a good investment. (even if you don’t get the million dollar one!)

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