How to win an award

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How to win an award

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I have been nominated for the Versatile blog award by PhilippaClaire

You should check out her stuff, she writes about Mental Health and Blogging. Her social media is fun and engaging.

This nomination is an award for bloggers given by other bloggers. It has been around for 8+ years.  Read more about it here.

Here are 7 secrets about me:

  • While I am a cat person, I now have a dog. Atlas is a cat-dog. He is also IN LOVE with my cat, Pixie, but she wants nothing to do with him. Atlas is now one of my best friends.
  • C & I met on New Years Day. We also have the same birthday.
  • I learned to crochet when I was 15 by my best friend. At this point, I have been crocheting longer than I have not been.
  • I have 4 tattoos, all on my back. They all have special meaning to me.
  • I used to sell leggings and other women’s fashions – yet another hustle. This was on top of my full-time stressful job. Being unbusy is my downfall. I go a little crazy.
  • I have hoarders in my family and I am consistently worried that I have too much stuff. Decluttering is a special pass time of mine.
  • I hate moving. Beyond hate. To the point, I staid in my last place 2 years past I wanted to so I didn’t have to move.

At this point, I am supposed to nominate bloggers. It was a hard choice, since I have met so many in a few months. Here are my favorites that you should also check out.


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