Is it ok to fly in the day of?

Is it ok to fly in the day of?

Short answer: Preferably not

Saving money where we can is on many of our minds.

Hotel costs, meals, etc can add up quickly. Sometimes it can be tempting to just get an early flight into the city your cruise is leaving out of. Or maybe the airport you fly out of does not offer flights to the city you are going to everyday.  If it is getting in around 10-11 am, what’s the harm?

Airplane delays and cancellations are in the news a lot these days. Weather can be unpredictable. Snow in April? Sure, why not? And do not even get me started about hurricanes.

While I do not recommend flying in the day of due to this, if you must make sure you do have any layovers. This tends to be where the biggest problems come into play.

Exploring a new city

The benefit of flying in the day before your cruise leaves is the chance to explore a new city.  All cruise ports are in cities that are rich in culture and activities. A little research can provide you free or low cost options in your cruise port city.  


I highly recommend if you are in Miami to check out Cuban culture and food!

Get Your Guide provides interesting transfers and day trips. 


Check out our pinterest for ideas. If you are using a travel agent, they may have some suggestions.

Importance of travel insurance

Flying in the day of your cruise brings up the importance of having travel insurance. Weather, maintenance issues, or just taking off late could ruin your vacation.  If you miss the ship and do not have travel insurance, you will be on your own to get to the next port. If that is not possible, you will miss out on your trip.  Having insurance can SAVE THE DAY.

If you are paying your cruise on a credit card, make sure to check with your credit card company to see if they provide any insurance for purchases. I use a citi travel card which provides insurance for weather related issues and lost luggage.  On my last cruise, this allowed me to spend $22 to get supplemental insurance for both C & I for a 7 day cruise. Plus, let’s not forget about how much of a klutz I am. I don’t leave home without it.

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Do you get travel insurance when you travel?  Have a good story you would love to tell?  We are always looking for guest posters!

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5 thoughts on “Is it ok to fly in the day of?

  1. Love this! I worked for major cruise lines for over 10 years. Great advice you are giving. When you are a “professional cruiser”, you do tend to think you know exactly what to do, how to do it, etc. What you don;t know, is that the week before you came on board, changes were implemented. And by the way, the most relaxed cruisers embarking, are the ones that flew in the day before. Look forward to future posts!

    1. Oh wow! I can’t imagine working for a cruise line, but maybe I should. If you are ever interested in guest posting, let me know. We would love to hear advice from someone on the inside.

    1. This weather is crazy! January is turning out to be a great month to go because it doesn’t start snowing yet…

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