Let’s talk Cruisin’ – Guest Post

Let's talk cruisin', travel, cruise, #everyonecancruise

Let’s talk Cruisin’ – Guest Post

Secrets of the Ship is pleased to have Beth from Finding the Road to Simple guest post. We are impressed with Beth and her family. They have given away most of their belongings, sold their house, and live out of an RV all in the name of finding a simple life. Check out their blog and social media, you will not be sorry!

Let's talk cruisin'

My parents went on a cruise for their 25th anniversary 10 years ago.  And they have been on no less than 15 cruises since.  I kid you not. I mean, I haven’t been counting, but it’s a lot.

They book their next cruise while they’re still on their current cruise.

They. love. it.  And I thought they. were. crazy.  Turns out, they’re on to something!

The family that cruises together...

So my parents decided we should take a family cruise in January 2013. So we set off to New Orleans to leave on the Carnival Elation.  Ports included Cozumel and Progreso. I had never been to New Orleans before and if I’m being honest, I was looking forward to it more than the cruise at the time. A city that I can just stroll down the street with a drink in my hand? Yes, please! How many of you can say your first time on Bourbon Street was with your parents? Back to the cruise.

It’s sailing day. I may have had a *slight* hangover, but I remember just being in complete awe of how massive the ship was.  Then I stepped inside.  It. was. gorgeous.  It was amazing how elaborate the decor was. We hadn’t even left the dock yet, but I had already fallen in love with cruising.

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So what do I love about it? I just love that you’re there.  You literally have nothing else to do but relax and enjoy yourself.  You really have no choice in the matter. The staff is friendly and there to take care of your every want or need. You want a drink? There’s the bar.  You want to watch a movie? They’re showing one on the deck. You want food? It’s available 24/7. Massage? See a show? Swim? Lounge? You name it, you can do it on a cruise ship.

But the BEST part is that it’s so economical.  How else are you going to go on a week long vacation, visit several different destinations, and keep your price per person around $600 (a lot of times it’s even cheaper than that)?  You really can’t beat that price–especially when you think that most of your food is included in this price as well.  It’s a steal!

My husband and I have been on one other cruise since then.  We visited Cozumel, Belize, and Mahogany Bay. Absolutely beautiful destinations.  In Cozumel, we purchased an excursion that took you to a private island by catamaran for the day.  AMAZING. I really miss that island today. 

It’s freezing in Alabama!

If you’re on the fence about going on a cruise, my vote is go for it! I know some people worry about sea sickness.  I can’t say that won’t be a problem, but I can say they have plenty of remedies for that.  Also, it will be the best night’s sleep you’ve gotten in years! 


So give it a shot… and invite me along too!

Let's talk cruisin', travel, cruise, #everyonecancruise

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