Can I bring my gaming console?

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Can I bring my gaming console?

Short answer: I think so, but...

PlayStation, Xbox, and whatever other new console that came out recently can be a temptation to bring along on your cruise.  Maybe your child needs that simulations to unwind.  Or you are a big gamer and this is your vacation.  Whatever your reasons, we get it. 

Most of the cruise lines turn off the port on the TV so it cannot be plugged in. Even if you get the device on the ship, you will not be able to use it in the room. John Heald, from Carnival, has discussed this on his Facebook page. Disney Cruise line has banned Nintendo Switch from their ships.


Almost all ships, if not all have teen lounges that include different video games and computers. You can sign your teen up for the club on the first day. If an adult, go to the club and ask for more information on if and when you would be able to play.

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