Do I need a passport on my cruise?

Do I need a passport on my cruise?

Do I need a passport on my cruise?

Short answer: Depends

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Americans leaving out of a US port and ending in the same port do NOT need a passport, even though it is recommended*.  A birth certificate and photo ID can be used. A passport card can be used for these cruises. Passport card can also be used on domestic flights.

If you are leaving out of a US port and ending in a NON-US port, you will need a passport.

If you are leaving out of a NON-US port, you will need a passport to enter the country and therefore for the cruise.

* Passport is highly recommended in case you get stranded in another country. 

While no one plans to miss the ship, you might.  Or there may be a medical emergency that causes you to stay behind.  Passports are needed in these circumstances to leave the country. 

If this happens to you, please contact the US embassy right away.

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Cuba, the exception

** Your passport must be vaild for 6 months from the time you leave.

Please double check this information with your cruise line as it is subjected to change. If you would like Michelle @ DW Destinations to be your travel agent, request your free quote here.

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