One rainy day in Honduras

One rainy day in Honduras

Sometimes cruisers think cruise lines own a magic weather machine that will give them perfect weather at every port.

Myth busted.

No matter when you travel, you run the risk of having a rainy day. It could be a sea day or at Port. I apologize if I just popped your vacation bubble. However just because there is a little rain doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the day.

Isla Roatan’s rainy season is from October until March.

They also get tempatures as low as 66 during the winter. Our guide told us, on those ‘cold’ days you will see everyone buddled up.

Well dang, I’m perfectly content when my house stays at 66 degrees! Actually sometimes that tempature has me sweating. I realize I should never move to Central America.

In Isla Roatan, there is little place for the water to go.

When the ground is already wet, the water just puddles everywhere. I was expecting to see boats at people’s front door so they could cross the moot that is their yard!

Tips for rainy weather

  • If you are traveling during a rainy season, take a poncho. Yes, I know they are unstylish. However, they are small, can be squashed, and you will be in good company with the natives.
  • If you hate rain and being wet, book an excursion that doesn’t require a deposit or wait until you are on the ship to see the weather before booking.
  • Bring comfy shoes with traction that you don’t mind getting wet or dries easily. I am still in love with my aqua socks. I think C has finally come to the conclusion he needs a pair.
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I will give a review of our excursion and the company we used in another blog post.

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