Can I smoke or vape on the ship?

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Can I smoke or vape on the ship?

Short answer: Yes, but...

You may only smoke in designated spots or you could be fined. Some cruise lines are also changing their policies to include being kicked off the ship if you are caught!

Check with staff if you are confused where the smoking sections is.

Ships may allow smoking in the casino.  There is also usually a spot on deck for smokers that will include sun loungers and chairs. 

Please note you CANNOT smoke in your cabin room or on your balcony. Do not count on others to not turn you in if they smell the smoke. I have read many cases of cruisers calling security on their neighbors when they smell any smoke.

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2 thoughts on “Can I smoke or vape on the ship?

  1. Great information for those that may be considering their options. Not only may you get reported for smoking in your room, but it’s downright disrespectful for the people in rooms adjacent to you. You don’t know if there’s someone there who may be allergic or sensitive to smoke, so why ruin their vacation?

    1. Yes, and they do provide spaces for a person to smoke. Many lines have uped their fines if you are caught!

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