The 5 best tips from a Cruise Industry Expert

5 best tips from a cruise industry expert

The 5 best tips from a Cruise Industry Expert

Guest Post from Family Palate

Thank you Ceci from Family Palate for this great post.  If you have not checked out her blog, there is a lot to see on food and travel.  Those are two of my favorite things that are always better together!


Cruising can be the best vacation for so many. Of course, I think so, because I have worked for different cruise lines for over 10 years.  Where else do you wake up each morning, to a new adventure, in a different port of call? With that being said, the cruise staff love new cruisers as much as they love “pro” cruisers.  But, let me share with you the 5 best tips, to help both groups, enjoy your next cruise experience.

First, it is a given that your stateroom will be kept clean and you will have a variety of foods to choose from.  But, don’t set your heart on what you have seen on commercials or what you have experienced on a past cruise. Every time you embark, the staff will be different.  Whether you have chosen the same itinerary or ship. This means, a completely different experience for you. Let go of all your expectations…you will be happily surprised.

Secondly, don’t over-plan your time on board or in the ports of call.  Leave some room for spontaneity. Choose a couple tours, book into the fine dining experience for the night, or even use one of the services at the spa.  But, don’t feel the need to schedule every waking hour. You can even ask a staff member how you can see an island without a tour. Who better to ask? Then you are on your own time – table… Just Don’t Miss The Ship!

The third tip is important.  The cruising industry has experienced such an amazing growth over the last couple of years.  This means the ships are sailing full. What does that mean to you? Be prepared for lines and crowds.  Eventually, you will learn how to time things. This will help you stay clear of the biggest crowds.

Fourth, do not think you have to be on the newest or largest ship.  This does not always mean that you will get your moneys worth. For instance, if you are the type of person who likes to meet new people, then a smaller ship is perfect for you.  And by the way, “pro” cruisers, this also means more one on one attention from the crew. Besides, smaller crowds mean the bartender will remember your favorite cocktail by the end of the first night!

For the 5th, and I can’t stress this one enough, BRING A SWEATER!  Most ships sail in beautiful, warm climates. You won’t be on a beach the entire time.  Inside the ships, the lounges, restaurants, and bars are air-conditioned. And believe me, they can get quite cool.  So, go ahead, show off your jackets and sweaters, you will need them!

The cruising industry is an exciting one.  

Enjoy yourself, your surroundings, and the people you meet.  

Keep in mind the top 5 tips.

I am sure, they will help you along the way.  

Till next time… Welcome Aboard!

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