Top 5 surprising features in a Norwegian stateroom

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Top 5 surprising features in a Norwegian stateroom

An Oceanview

On our recent Norwegian Escape cruise, we staid on the 5th floor in an oceanview.  Since this was a last minute cruise decision, we choose a sailaway price, which means we could not choose where our room was located.  On Norwegian, this also means you do not have the option to choose up to 5 free at sea.  The price difference was not worth for us to upgrade to get a free drink package or specialty dining package. 

While the rooms were smaller than we were used to on other cruise lines, Norwegian’s use of space is top notch. At first I was disappointed by the size of the room.  There was no seating area and we would have to sit on the bed to even put on our shoes. As I explored the room more, I found a few features that made up for the lack of space.

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1. Do not disturb sign

Ok, I am starting with my favorite here.  This is a new feature where your room number plate also lets your room stewart know if you are in the room or need it made up.

There is no paper hanging Do Not Disturb sign in this room!  Instead, behind the door above the light switch there are two buttons. One will put on the Do Not Distrub button, while the other lights the make up room. Don’t worry, you cannot accidentally push both at the same time.

The At Home button will light up anytime you have your key card in the light switch activation slot. For those who are new to this concept, the power in your stateroom will not work unless you use your key card in the light switch slot.  Pro tip: many cruisers bring an extra card to leave in the light switch so they do not forget their key card!

2. Hairdryer under desk

3. Cabinet above TV for extra storage

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With the stateroom being small, use of available space is important.  There is a closet for hanging, the safe, and some extra shelves.  Above the TV there is a triangle spaced space that we found perfect to hold our towels.

4. Two hooks by door

I usually bring command hooks to hang our lanyards by the door. More than once we have lost them in our room mess. We actually thought C lost his card for real on this trip and were about to go get him a copy made.  Thankfully we remembered he pocketed it in his jacket that he discarded in the closet. 

After that, we made sure to hang them on the two hooks provided.  C also hung his hat.

5. Bed tray on stool

This is also a great feature. There is a small stool by the desk that held this wooden tray.  It took me a while to figure it out, as it did not make sense to me to have a hard surface on a stool. Who would have to sit on this?!? Not that the stool was really useful for anything besides to hold our clothes from the day before.

By the second day, I realized this was actually a tray!  We could sit in bed and write or color (Shout out to adult colorers!). Of course, one morning I ordered the Continental breakfast to check out the selection.  I was able to have breakfast in bed while C slept in.  The food selections were bare, but there were many fruit choices which was nice!  If you are hoping for a hearty breakfast, you will want to go to the Garden Buffet or O’Shaneys.


While the room seems small, the bathroom is an OK size for a cruise.  The shower allows you to turn around without hitting your elbows, which is always a plus. There is room to hang your clothes, as well as put away your bags.  While I would not want this room for a longer cruise, for a 7 day it provides enough space.

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