Top 6 reasons we choose Carnival

Top 6 reasons we choose Carnival

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There are enough cruise lines to choose where you spend your money that there is something for everyone. We have now been on Carnival 4 times and have 3 more planned.

Comedy Club

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? Even when we don’t find the comedian super funny, we still enjoy the atmosphere. And guess what? If we really don’t like it, we can get up and leave without guilt that we spent good money. By far, our favorite has been Doug Williams when we were on the Carnival Victory.  C still talks about him and his jokes. Dougeven has his own hashtag at #section8cruise on twitter if you would like to check him out.
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Military Appreciation

This event is very special to us. C is a Marine. We enjoy supporting others who are serving or have served.
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The entertainment staff recognize each branch, give out pins, and collect raffles from those who served for a free cruise. Other than that, it has been different each time. Some allow each veteran to speak, others just have them stand up. On one cruise, a comedy club staff (not from America) learned to sing the anthem to show his appreciation. It was quite sweet. Check your fun times for this event. Even if you are not a veteran, try to attend the military appreciation at least once!

Anytime or Timed Dinning

I know, anytime dining is all the rage. I’d say I’m old fashion, but I haven’t been cruising long enough for that. As an introvert, timed dining allows me less {shallow} interactions. Table mates and waiters get to know me and I can get passed the dreaded ‘where are you from?’ and ‘what do you do for a living?’ questions.
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However, I fully recognize many enjoy the freedom of anytime dining. They may have children with nap schedules or enjoy meeting new people each night. For this reason, I love that Carnival has the options. ^^mandatory picture of food. Yum.  This is available at Sea Day Brunch.

Faster to the fun

This is another option. Faster to the fun is a pass you can purchase through the excursion page that gives you some extra perks. The pass ranges from $49.95 to $99.95 a room depending on length of cruise. It recently went up in price, but I think this is not a barrier to the people who really want it. Some people see it has a waste of money, others see it as essential to their cruise experience. No matter where you fall, we like that you have this option.

John Heald

Brand Ambassador for Carnival who listens to his customers. He has a dry sense of humor, which I appreciate greatly. He takes a lot of shit from trolls and people who think Carnival controls the weather. He is graceful and honest.  Personally I would probably run away screaming. I love that Carnival offers this to its fans. Fans’ voices are actually heard, which says a lot about the company. Before our last cruise, I left a message on his Facebook. During our cruise, we received this surprise! He does check his wall and follows through the best to his availability.

Towel Animals

I know these are on other cruise lines, but Carnival literally wrote the book on it. Yes, you can buy it on board! You can also take a towel folding class. Plus they make them based on the Port of the day! Above is my favorite. Grand Cayman is know for its sting rays. towel animals in room found on Carnival See how we save money to cruise so much.

7 thoughts on “Top 6 reasons we choose Carnival

  1. We cruise often. We have taken our three grandchildren on nine cruises. Sent our children and their wives on cruises our neices and nephews on cruises and our granddaughter and grandson on honeymoons all on Carnival. I have been on three cruises on other lines. Two on Princess which were less than perfect and one on NCL.that was the cruise from hell. I’ll never cruise another line. We love carnival . The only thing that would make Carnival better would be northern Europe cruises. If you have never cruised before or never cruised on a Carnival ship you don’t know what you are missing. Carnival is great. They really live up to their motto. The Fun Ships. Fun for All All for Fun. Just finished planning our grandsons honeymoon cruise. It’s a surprise for them. The only thing better than cruising on a Carnival ship is planning a cruise on a Carnival ship.

    1. You are stealing my heart! ❤️ How amazing that you are sending them on a honeymoon cruise!
      I think Carnival will move to Northern Europe soon. The upcoming transatlantic of the legend will be doing Iceland – so getting closer.
      Thank you for checking out my site.

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