Why choosing a Travel Agent starts your vacation sooner

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Why choosing a Travel Agent starts your vacation sooner

Is choosing a Travel Agent worth it? 

Obviously as a travel agent (TA) and cruise specialist, I am bias here. However, I feel I do have some points to share because I saw the value in becoming a TA. I felt I could put my passion in helping others have a great vacation.

Myth busted: TAs do not get paid a lot, especially for the work they put in.

You have to really love planning. Being a Travel Agent is not all free vacations and fun social media. I recently saw a job for Royal Caribbean to be an Instagram influencer where you cruise for a few months posting your adventures.  While that is a wonderful dream, it is not something 99.9% of Travel Agents will have the opportunity to do.  Travel Agents do this work being they love travel and helping other people have the best travel experience.

  For example, I spend hours planning my own vacations. I learn as much as I can about where I am going, what I want to see, and where I want to eat.  This is self care for me.

"I can get the same price if I book through the website."

Maybe, maybe not. You won’t know until you talk to a travel agent. A TA may have room options that the website does not have access too.  Have you seen our post on Is a Balcony Worth it?  The balcony we talk about in that post is something we got because we used a cruise planner over just booking on the site.

Travel Agents also are more likely to offer other perks beside price.  These can include extra on board credit, bottle of wine, or specialty dining reservation.

Did you know some cruise lines offer price protection?

This may be the best reason to go with a travel agent. Some cruise lines, like Carnival, offer a price protection where you can get your total price reduced or extra on board credit if the price with Carnival goes down after you book.  There are some restrictions and it needs to be like room to like room.  A Travel Agent not only watches the price for you, but puts in for the price protection!  Time saved, yay!

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I am consistently checking my own cruise prices. I recently saved myself $400 on an upcoming cruise by watching the price. Check out our favorite Travel Agent here.

Travel Agent will remind you of deadlines.

Figuring out when final payment is due, when you can book excursions, making dining reservations, and check in can seem overwhelming when you are going on vacation to relax.  Having a Travel Agent will provide you the ability to start your vacation sooner by reminding you of deadlines and doing the dirty work for you! No need for you to sit on the computer trying to figure out where to check in.  

Someone to call with your questions.

As a travel and cruise specialist, you have access to an expert before you leave and while you are gone. 

Worried about food allergies?  Ask a Travel Agent for help navigating dinning services.  Heading to a new island?  Ask your Travel Agent for recommendations on an excursion. Not sure what you can wear to dinner? A TA can explain it to you!

Your Travel Agent’s job is to help you have a good time.


Time saved = GOLD

Did you know an average person spends 5 hours researching before they book their vacation? That is 5 hours you could be spending getting ready for your beach bod or finding the perfect outfit for formal night. What would you do with that extra time?

Did we convince you to use a Travel Agent?

There are many travel agents out there, make sure you find one that has cruise experience.  Check out our favorite, Kristina with the Enchanted Traveler here.

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    1. Thank you for your comment! I know a lot of people just think they should do it themselves – and I include myself in this category! But, sometimes it’s nice to hand things over to someone else.

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