Why I can be a bad travel blogger

travel blogger

Why I can be a bad travel blogger

I’m trying to get you to read what I have to say in my blog and then come up with this topic? Am I trying to turn away readers?

No. I do have a moral at the end, hang with me.

Picture it. Isla Rotatan 2019.

C and I are doing an eco walk through the jungle and over suspension bridges. I am in awe learning about the different plants and animals. Trees with needles on them. Cetronia like plants that I quickly rub all over myself. It’s raining and the bugs are still hitting me.

Anyway, can I show you any of this jungle? Nope. I couldn’t find my cell phone/camera in my monstrous bag before I shipped it into the locker. I somehow always have bags that sallow everything and pop out that stock that got lost in the dryer weeks ago.

Read about our rainy day here.

Oops I did it again.

After the walk and I effectively dumped out my entire bag to find my cell phone, I sat there waiting for the other group. C looks at me and goes, “Are you not going to take any photos for the blog?”

“oh yeah,” I reply coming out of my trance. The blog. Right. Snap.

Breath-taking sunset

At the end of the cruise, we were at the back of the ship with others watching the sunset. The colors were amazing.  The sun and the clouds worked together to great a painting in the sky.  A ship passed through the sun, as if it knew it was creating the prefect photograph.  I snapped a bunch of pictures. However, I realized this was not a moment I wanted to watch through my phone. I would only remember what the phone wanted me to see and not the whole picture.  Everyone around me was snapping pictures and selfies. They tried not to get in each others’ way so everyone had the chance to get ‘that instagramable picture’. But the phone could not capture the true beauty: that was only reserved for the naked eye.

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C & I sat holding hands and watched the sun go down without our phones out. Some moments are worth not documenting if it means missing out on a one of a kind beauty.  That’s why we take cruises, to see the things in travel magazines for ourselves.

I’m happy to discuss my travels with you and show you my pictures.  But just know, I am a down to earth blogger who may miss the picture because I am living in the moment.

In turn, let me help you plan a cruise that will give you these type of moments. Contact me today at Michelle@DWDestinations.com to find out what deal we can find you.

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